Fingersoft and Hill Climb Racing turn 10

over 220 million new players last year

Press release, April 4, 2022

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the hit mobile game series and its maker. The 10-year-old has grown up but not lost its appeal: In 2021 the game attracted over 220 million new players, and the game was played by over 4 million users per day on average.

In 2012, the Finnish mobile game company Fingersoft was founded by Toni Fingerroos, when he developed Hill Climb Racing. What started as a one man’s three-month project in a tiny bedroom is still today one of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving games ever made.

“Toni Fingerroos had achieved a remarkable user base through his camera applications already before developing Hill Climb Racing. By advertising Hill Climb Racing to these existing users, the game quickly rose to the top of charts world-wide. Already in the first year of its release, Hill Climb Racing reached more than 100 million downloads. It became the most downloaded racing game and the 7th most downloaded mobile game of the 2010s, and still today Hill Climb Racing continues to appeal to gamers of all ages,” says Fingersoft CEO Jaakko Kylmäoja.

The franchise also includes the game’s sequel Hill Climb Racing 2 (published in December 2016) as well as a Chinese version of the game. In total, the Hill Climb Racing games have surpassed over 1.9 Billion downloads across all platforms.

“Looking back, it’s been an exceptional ride full of twists and turns. Back in 2012, few probably expected Hill Climb Racing to last for as long as it has. In fact, the original Hill Climb Racing is doing great: in 2021 the game attracted over 220 million new players, which is 600,000 installs every day, and the game was played by over 4 million users per day on average. We are constantly refining the gameplay, and adding more fun levels and exciting vehicles to use. Also the game is designed to look good on both low and high resolution phones and tablets, making sure everyone is able to enjoy it,” Kylmäoja says.

Over the past ten years, Fingersoft has grown up but not grown old. The company has been successful in evolving to stay ahead of the game and take a pole position as one of the leading racing game developers in mobile games. Fingersoft has also published other games developed by the company or other companies. Last year, Fingersoft launched its latest game Boom Karts. Today, the company employs 100 people and has exciting growth plans still to come. The anniversary year 2022 will hold some special events and exciting news coming later.