Fingersoft’s analytics and ad serving partners are listed below. Please note that some of the listed partners are not used in our services in all territories. For more information on individual companies and their privacy policies and opt-out possibilities, see the links below. Please note that opt-outs may be specific for each browser and device. In some jurisdictions these services may be disabled by default.

AdColonyPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
AppAnniePrivacy PolicyOpt-out
ApplovinPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
AppsflyerPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
BidStackPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
ChartboostPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
Facebook (Audience Network & Analytics)Privacy PolicyOpt-out 
FyberPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
Game AnalyticsPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
Google Admob, Analytics & FirebasePrivacy PolicyOpt-out
HyperMXPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
InmobiPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
ironSourcePrivacy PolicyOpt-out
LeadboltPrivacy PolicyOpt-out 
MoPubPrivacy PolicyOpt-out 
Round ZeroPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
SisensePrivacy PolicyOpt-out
SuperScalePrivacy PolicyOpt-out
TalkingData (Chinese players only)Privacy PolicyOpt-out
TapjoyPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
Unity Ads & Unity AnalyticsPrivacy PolicyOpt-out
VunglePrivacy PolicyOpt-out
Yahoo FlurryPrivacy PolicyOpt-out

On most devices you can also limit ad targeting from your device’s settings. Please review your device’s user manual on how to disable ad tracking.

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