The latest feature-packed LEGO Hill Climb Adventures update for the Open Beta is here! Not only does the main story continue deep within The Great Below, but we have made some large changes to progression, Premium Builder Pass rewards and more. Read on for details! 


  • Adventure Levels: Gain experience by completing challenges, stories, building blueprints and more to unlock incredible rewards
  • Adventure Levels will replace the current Builder Pass system and will be the primary measure of your overall progression in the game. You’ll gain XP to progress on the Adventure path by doing different activities in the game, including completing stories, building blueprints, and levelling your vehicles.
    • Note: You will receive any unclaimed rewards which you’ve achieved on the previous Builder Pass.
    • You will receive XP based on your past achievements in the game, and your new Adventure Level will be automatically corrected to reflect this.
    • If you have previously purchased the Premium Builder Pass, you will receive all the Premium Tier rewards from the Builder Pass, even if you have yet to reach the corresponding level.
  • Seasons: This new feature brings limited-time secrets, completely new stories, and a unique seasonal reward track
  • Expanded Story: Delve deeper into The Great Below’s tangled web of secrets with a brand-new chapter in the main story
  • New Level: The Piston Plant is now open for adventurers who have reached The Great Below
  • Secret Builds: Create grand LEGO builds in The Great Below and discover new hidden paths
  • Expansive new Side-Quests: Play through engaging side-quests to uncover what is truly happening in The Great Below, but watch out; spiders have been spotted!
  • Economy & Progression: Blueprint costs and early rewards have been rebalanced for the new Adventure Levels
  • Additional minifigure animations and new idle animations (see if you can spot them all!)
  • Various visual improvements
  • Quest navigation streamlined
  • Physics adjusted for all vehicles
  • Various bugfixes and improvements