Fingersoft at PGC Helsinki

The lively capital of Finland is home to one of our two offices (the other of course being in Oulu). Helsinki is also the place to be when the game industry folks round up for two glorious days of talks and networking. We of course mean the legendary Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, which will take place at the Cable Factory on September 27-28!

Fingersoft is proud to sponsor the Finest Finland track, which will offer facts, figures and insight into the latest & hottest industry trends from Finland and beyond.

The program will also feature some familiar Fingersoft faces: Our CMO & CFO Markus Vahtola will give a solo talk on “The secret to performance”. In his talk, Markus shares what goes into developing and sustaining a high-performance environment for the creative professionals. He’ll share the common ingredients in the secret sauce of best performing teams and scaling business in an uncertain world.

Additionally, you can catch Markus in a panel session titled “Weathering the storm: insights from mobile gaming CFOs about how to prepare for tough times ahead.”

Fingersoft’s Business Development Director Daniel Rantala will join a panel discussion titled “Failing Fast: Stories From the Front Line of Prototyping.”

Our Head of User Acquisition, Mikko Kirmanen will join another panel titled “Superstar Panel: Walk of Game.” In this panel, UA leaders from top-notch gaming companies in Finland will talk about strategies and methods for User Acquisition.

And Otto Simola, our Ad Monetization Manager, will take part in a panel discussion on “In-Game Advertising – Learn From the Best.” This panel will cater in-depth, detailed and actionable insights from publishers who are the best in the field when it comes to In-Game advertising.

You can find all the details from the PGC website closer to the event.

See you in Helsinki!