A reminder about fair play

Hey Hill Climbers!
As many of you will know by now; the Climb Canyon League is getting ready to kick off in earnest and we are looking forward to a future filled with thrilling competition as you all vie to take the top division.

As you rev up your engines in preparation for this new era of multiplayer, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about fair play. Listed below are a series of tips that will help you avoid disciplinary action for you and for your team, up to and including, account bans, team resets and team bans.

Please also refer to the Fingersoft End User Agreement Licence & adhere to the policies detailed within. If you have questions relating to fan content or privacy/data collection, please refer to our Fan Content Policy & Privacy Policy.

As a final tip – When contacting Fingersoft support, please always ensure you use the “Contact Support” button within the game’s options menu where possible. This will ensure the fastest response from support and also the fastest resolution to your issues.

All that said, we wish you all the best of luck in the Climb Canyon League and we can not wait to see who are the first to earn the title of “Canyon Champions” fair and square.