Patch Notes: HCR2 V1.38.0

A brand new update for Hill Climb Racing 2 is rolling out for all platforms, with a global launch target of 31.08.2020. Featuring a buff to the performance of the Hot Rod, new vehicle & player skins and a variety of other improvements!


  • New player looks:
    – Helmut: The mysterious and chivalrous Knight
    – The Incredible Guillermo! A hero of justice
    – Violet: The evil supervillain hellbent on Climb Canyon domination
    – “Moped” Johnny. He likes Mopeds.
  • New vehicle skins:
    – Helmut’s mighty “Steel Stallion” Chopper
    – Guillermo’s “Super-Justice” MK. II
    – Violet’s “Nightblade” Superbike
    – Johnny’s Scooter
  • Fixed numerous connection/offline issues
  • Fixed the infamous “driver dying through vehicle on a hard crash” bug
  • Buffed Hotrod performance – Faster. Stronger. Better.
  • Tweaks to overall wheel friction physics
  • Fix for stalagmites being visually different from their actual collider in Racer Glacier
  • Returned Adventure refill timer, skip task and non-vehicle specific task
  • Tweaked wings tuning part velocity trigger
  • Additional graphics and effects improvements
  • Improved anti-cheat and exploit protection
  • Various bug fixes