A Statement on Account Sharing

Account sharing is strictly forbidden. It is in violation of our Terms of Service & The spirit of fair play. Starting today, and moving on into the future, we will begin cracking down on this practice. The punishment for teams who are caught with members found to be hacking, exploiting bugs and/or account sharing can range from the banning of those individual players, the resetting of the teams total rank to zero and possibly the deletion of the team itself. There will be no warnings for this enforcement.

An HCR2 account is only to be played by a single individual. No one else is allowed to use your account, not your brother, not your wife, not your teammates. Nobody.

You are allowed to play the same account on multiple devices (but not at the same time) and you are allowed to have multiple accounts, as long as you are the only person playing on those accounts. You may only have one account per individual in a team at any given moment.

There are no exceptions to this policy. If you are the only person using your accounts then you have nothing to worry about. If someone else is using your account, then you are at risk of having your account actioned against now, or in the immediate future.